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Yes bro,

I think my Blog written from day 1 Singapore - Penang - Chumphon - Nakhon Sawan - Chiang Mai - Ayutthaya - Surat Thani - Krabi - Kampar ( Perak ) - Melaka - Singapore.

A total of 28 days,

An approximate expenses, Hotel: 40000 Baht

Food for me and wife: 26000 Baht

Petrol Benzene: 10 full tank : 34000 Baht

Extra shopping or massage: 20000 Baht

An approximate of total spend this trip around 120 000 Baht excluding the Vehicle insurance and personal insurance.

As for the good & bad, is all written in my Blog. You said you will do a CM to Singapore one day but I doubt it will be the same. Thai registered vehicle coming to Singapore isn't that easy, you have to do lot's of research and the cost will be a Bomb. Very little people will want to do this. IMHO

I would like to do the CM to Singapore some day. Car or bike. Hope in the future you add more info on your stays and things along the way. Both good and bad. As well as cost

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