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Help - Applying For A Uk Passport For Child In Thailand


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I recently applied applied for my 7 month old son UK passport in Thailand but have now received a letter stating

please provide

1. father passport (original)

2. Mother passport (original)

3. child's birth certificate and translation

... and sent everything back including part of the fee !

I am English and my wife is Thai and before leaving Thailand I posted the passport application form to Bangkok after checking the website for exactly what documents they require and sent

- my full UK birth certificate (original)

- child's Thai birth certificate WITH English translation (original) - I am named as the father and he has my surname !

- obviously the application form and 2 photos all correctly completed together with the fee

As a back up I also sent a copy of my UK passport photo page (countersigned), wife's Thai passport (countersigned), Blue book with son named (countersigned), copy wife's Thai ID card (countersigned)

Before I sent the application I telephoned the helpline (that you have you have to pay for!) and they said that was fine yet I receive a letter today requesting ORIGINAL passports !! as for the birth certificate they had it !!

Unless I have missed something where does it state on the website that I have to submit my original passport - my passport number is contained in my son's application form - it is the new style and they can check it quite easily !

As for my wife's original passport - WHY- my son gets UK citizenship from me

If I was in Thailand no problem but I am now back in the UK - before I send letter of complaint about the level of service and different advice given has anyone got any comments. I really do not want to fly back to BKK to submit the documents in person. In any event if I go in person do they keep my passport and send later to my thai address ? if so, how can I get on a plane to Nong Khai !!??


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I thought that you had to apply for the passport in the country the child is in ? He only has a thai birth certificate and not a consular one so it would look odd and questions could be raised as how did he get into the UK

Has anybody tried to get a child a passport from the UK when they are not in the country ?


IF you were in Thailand you would have to just show your passport.

Just go to the Post Office in the UK or one of the Places that you can get it done within one day at, easier for you, less hassle.

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You said you are in the UK, they do not have to see your son, just present the necessary documents at the Post Office. Use your UK address then when you have it send it to your wife.

Note - Register the birth in the UK at the Foreign Office, then apply for the passport.

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