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Where Can I Get A Padded Shipping Envelope In Cm?


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I need to send some things to the US and need them to get there in fairly good shape.

I'm thinking a padded shipping envelope, such as are available in the US at a place like Staples, would work. Anyone know where I can get one, or shipping supplies in general?

Also, I'm sure they're around and I"m missing them, but where can I get postcards?

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Padded shipping envelopes and all shipping supplies available at Makro at very good prices and big selection.

Postcards? Are you serious? They are literally everywhere (restaurants, coffee shops, post office, Tesco, Big C, Rimping, etc., etc.)

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At the post office. You have to go there anyway. :)

Spot on I get them there all the time!

The small ones are 12 Baht each and the large ones 17 Baht I believe at the Post Office. At Makro, 7 Baht and 10 Baht respectively. We go through hundreds so the savings is substantial.

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