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China Samsung Sg2/Korea Samsung Sg2?


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My concern is for manufacture of the phone. Have tried both topics on SG2 no info forth coming. Does anyone have info on Samsung's made in China? I have no issue with legit manufacturing but many clones do come out of this area. If Samsung has farmed out manufacturing to china, all is well and good other then using this phone around the world without software change? The one I have (bought Canada) is manufactured in Korea but the one I would buy for the wife and others have manufactured in china under the battery. My battery says manufactured in Korea, assembled in china but phone is definitly manufactured in Korea. May be a non-issue, if so, put this thread to bed.

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Call samsung, give them the model number and imei and ask them to verify if it is a genuine product. Or you can buy from a reputable store.

Would have preferred some qualifying background to this? Can always hope for a comment from some who knows, not just knows how to type.

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