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Adjust Fortuner Projector Lights ?


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Have had a quick scan through pages but not really had any joy, is it possible to slightly raise the Dipped Beam projector lens on the new Fortuner ? I cannot see anywhere to adjust these ? But need to slightly raise the dipped beam (Full Beam is Fine)

Can this be done ?

Thanks for any help

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Not that easy to get at and a flexy socket drive best.

When the bonnet is open of course looking behind at the headlight casing you will see two 10 mm screw heads they may have a posi-drive slot as well, can't remember which one or which way to turn for up and down but with dip headlights on facing a wall you can work it out for yourself.

It takes fare amount of turns for it to move, I was able to adjust mine on the Vigo I had where the dipped beam was too high.

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if its less than 3 years old, Toyota does it for free

if its more than 3 years old, you pay 100 baht

and as its all in one unit, adjusting low beam adjusts high beam

there is no HID/xenon auto levelling in Fortuna pre 2012 model

Many Thanks appreciated

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