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1 Yr Extention Non- Imm O Support Child

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I have a single entry Non-Imm O I am fingers crossed and have been told that they would grant a 12 month extention cause I have 2 kids. One I am in a court case for custody that is going on 6 months and really been a mess dealing with. And I have a son with my girlfriend who lives with me -We are not married -I am under 50 -I can move money into Thailand and my pleasure sell dollars as just gonna be worth less in the future anyways, just need to know what amounts are required and time periods? Also I am in the Tabiaan Bahn as the father of my son so I am legitimaized although not through marriage, if u know what i am saying, to do with proving your kids are yours out of wedlock-some poop about Amphur Registration, and custody battles. But--I digress-A Form TM7 -Couple of pictures. What else is there that I am missing? They told me that I would not be denied on basis that I am not 50. But some reason it echoed when I heard it so I think that they are going use it for the basis to deny me?? Live in pattaya so plan to apply in Jomtiem. Or do I have to apply in the area which he is registered, or something similar to that?

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You are not the legalfaher of the child, the birth certificate is important but being mentioned on that doesn't make you the legal father. only that the person registering the birth claims that you are the father.

See: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/381917-how-to-gain-parental-rights-as-a-father/

The birh certificate will give you an extension of stay for 60 days. For the 1 year extension immirgation normally wants proof that you have custody over the child. I'm afraid that you will have to go to court to gain parental rights and in that way get a 1 year extension of stay.

You will need to show an income of 40,000 a month or 400,000 in the bank in Thailand for at least 2 months. You might also want to bring proof of address, to show you are all living in Chonburi and bring both child and mother allong. As said, I suspect they will only give you 60 days till you have sorted out custody over the child.

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She did claim me as the father at the Amphur in Udon Thani and they put my name in the Tabiaan Bahn named as the father. I was there at the Amphur and even had brought a local official who knew someone at the office. We ate noodles and even discussed that it was important I be registered as the father. I thought that was how the legitimization process was done if u were not married or did I miss something??? I ask cause I actually have a 3 year old with another lady that I am in the late stages of a now 6 month custody battle so I was trying to avoid that road again and do the registration properly. This year I was actually was already given 2 60 day extentions off my Non-Imigrant 'ED' that I attempted to get a change of Status on. So I used up my 60 day extentions for the year for her as she was living with me before her mother took her and ran off to her village. Plus Ido not feel it to be a truly viable option as I intend to stay longer to support my family. In my court case, The court has actually ruled me as the father but until we reach a settlement, which I hope for daily, I dont have the court judgement available to me. But, I have custody of my 2 month old son I had my girlfriend and they both live with me and she readily admits I am the father and did at the Amphur. I have the Tabiaan Bahn with my name in it and the Birth certificate. And I can verify 40000 a month or 450000 for 2 months. U think They are going to tell me to get married or I have to go to take my girlfriend to court now also to prove that I am the father? Will the officer not accept my girlfriends word that I am the father?

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The birthcertificate is not that important and doesn't make you the legal father. She only claimed you are he father. What does make you the legal father is if you go to the amphur and ask to be recognized as the fahter of the child. Mother and child must agree to this and than you become the legal father. The law doesn't state how old the child must be, but in general an amphur requires a child to be 7 years old to give his consent. having said that, there are cases in which a child of about 3 years was allowed to give consent. I depends onw here you live and in a small community where everybody knows eachother there will be little doubt that you are the father and a child that can speak might give consent.

An infant is not able to give consent, although starnger things have happen in Thailand, so you will have to go to court to be recognized as the father. It is not a big deal if the mother agrees, just takes time and money.

Immigration will want proof that you are the father for a 1 year extension and only the birth certificate is not enough.

Being involved in legal procedings is reason for an extension of stay of 90 days at a time, can be given in a row.

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