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Some Legal Questions


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I'm sorry for posting this in the travel forum, but i really do not know where else to ask..

I'm an elderly person with a terminal illness and i need to obtain certain drug for particular use in future.

What i'm interested in are the drugs for animal peacefull euthanasia like nembutalI or lethobarb (Thiopentalum-natrium).

I know that this drug can be purchased from veterinary clinics in Thailand and some other countries.

Ofcourse, I'm not intending to buy more than one dose (bottle\pack) and i will not distribute it in anyway.

BUT:It's known that posession of drugs (for distribution) is punished by death penalty in Thailand.

And even though for obvious reasons the death penalty itself is not very frightening for me i don't want to spend time in jail.


Is it legal for a private individual to obtain, posess and store Nembutal/Lethobarb or similar drugs from veterinary clinics in Thailand?

Is it legal to take this drug through the border (i'm talking about one bottle/pack strictly for personal use)?

I will be very greatfull for any quotes from legal documents or links to legal information regarding my question.

I ask you not to speculate on my decision in general, as it is well considered and final.

Thanks in advance.

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