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Mexican makeshift grave could contain more than 20 bodies


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Mexican makeshift grave could contain more than 20 bodies

2011-08-29 07:37:07 GMT+7 (ICT)

MEXICO CITY (BNO NEWS) -- Mexican authorities have found at least five decomposing bodies in a makeshift grave in the municipality of Zinacantepec in Mexico State, officials said on Sunday. It is believed the grave contains more than 20 bodies.

Authorities said up to 23 bodies could be in the area, but only five bodies have been recovered as of Sunday evening. According to the state's public ministry, an anonymous letter informed authorities that at least 23 bodies, including those of some ministries and federal police, were buried in a clandestine grave in San Francisco Tlalcilalcalpan in the municipality of Zinacantepec.

The makeshift grave was located in the backyard of a house which was abandoned about three months ago. Neighbors said they didn't know who lived in the house, while some claimed sometimes hearing gunshots at night.

Earlier in the year, authorities unearthed 183 bodies from mass graves in San Fernando municipality in the state of Tamaulipas. The victims, which included migrants from Guatemala, are believed to have been people who refused to enlist within the ranks of the 'Los Zetas' drug cartel.

According to government figures, a total of 15,273 drug-related crimes occurred in Mexico in 2010, while more than 42,000 people have died in drug-related violence since Mexican President Felipe Calderón began his campaign to fight organized crime in December 2006.


-- © BNO News All rights reserved 2011-08-29

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For the benefit of anyone who might have the mistaken idea it's better to go live in Central or South America than in Southeast Asia.

All sorts of "gringo ghettos" are available where you can live like a king, compared to the locals, and where there are crosshairs firmly planted on your residence.

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