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Dual Track System For Ubon Ratchathani


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Just read the following on Bangkok post:

Dual track system for Ubon Ratchathani

The Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) plans to spend 85 million baht on a feasibility study on a dual track system in Ubon Ratchathani to the border with Laos at Chong Mek.

At present the last station in the province does not extend to town, but stops in Warin Chamrap district, about 5 kilometres from the city.

According to OTP Director-General Chanchai Suwisuttagul, the extension of the dual track would link the station in Warin Chamrap to Chong Mek. The total distance would be about 80 kilometres. The cost of investment is estimated to be 10 billion baht, she said.

The dual track system would make the logistics more efficient, with the value of trade between Thailand and Laos as high as 5.5 billion baht per year. The dual track system would also benefit travellers and promote tourism between the two countries, Chanchai said.

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Train station in Warin 5 Km from Ubon city???? :blink:

It's basically just across the bridge over the Mun/Moon river and I will say that is about 1 kilometer or so! ;)

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So many stories about rail links within Thailand or in Laos/Vietnam AND not forgetting the Asia Road Network, it's hard to think who can or will pay for all of these improvements.

Assuming that the average age of Thaivisa members is 60 (or even higher), I don't think that ANY of us will see any these ambitious plans come to fruition.

Just my contribution: that's all.

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What a ridiculous waste of money. The existing line to Ubon from Korat is no better than a Hornby train set and they think they can promote trade and tourism with a better quality connection tacked onto the end of the line? Joined-up thinking this is not.

I hate to say it since I'm a big supporter in trains before road expenditure (private road and air transport should subsidise the development of publicly-directed rail transport in my view), but the reported national decision to make hi-speed rail improvements only as far as Korat means that provinces to the East of that would be better directed at spending money on improving Highway 24. Nakhon Ratchasima province has done its bit and Ubon and Si Saket are starting to join up the dots of dual tracking the highway, but the bit through Surin province is a disgrace - average speeds of 50kph on a nationally important highway - so mid 20th Century!

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