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Teacher Wanted, Nong Bua Lamphu


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Seeking a native English speaker to teach conversational English at my private tutoring school in the city of Si Bun Rueang, Nong Bua Lamphu province(about 1 hour southwest of Udon Thani). This will be a part time position a few hours a week and on weekends, which makes it perfect for a retired of semi-retired individual living in the area. Salary will be negotiable based on experience and availability. A teaching credential would be nice but not required.


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I know what you mean, nice area and easy going. We had a Farang couple who were fulltime teachers at a local public school and were able to augment their income by teaching at our private school evenings and weekends.They recently decided to go back home leaving us a void in our teaching staff. We are hoping someone who is committed to the area and just needs some extra income will apply. My Girlfriend(fluent in English) and her cousin a Filipina are currently covering the conversational classes but a western face is usually what the locals want to see.

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