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Swimming Pools & Ice Cream Cakes


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They don't seem to have much in common, do they, even to we family people?

Well, as we celebrated our lad's 6th birthday at the pool in a neighbouring resort today, i had time to ponder both.

Firstly, we could never afford a pool at our home, and I'd never have one with a young child about, anyway.

At home, we all have 1,000 things to do while the offspring enjoy the pool. So we can NEVER watch them 100% of the time. And there's no full time attendant.

So the risk to the child is substantially greater than when we all visit the neighbourhood pool. Because then, all eyes are focussed on him/her/them all the time. And WE are the lifeguards.

Secondly, who out there can make an ice cream cake? Another powerful reason for outsourcing! We bought one from Dairy Queen (Big C, Chiang Mai) for 299b and they inscribed our boys name and age on it free of charge. My wife found candles (and somehow a lighter, as we don't smoke) and we had a perfect poolside party. The cake, as dessert, filled 2 children, a teenager and 2 adults and there was a little left to bring home. Albeit sloppy stuff. Great stuff!

No affiliation to Dairy Queen other than as a satisfied customer.

And never a buyer for a pool at home.

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