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South Pattaya Bar Owner Robbed Of Money Bag As He Drives Home


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South Pattaya bar owner robbed of money bag as he drives home

PATTAYA: -- A South Pattaya bar owner was robbed as he drove in a remote street, on the way back to his home, in the early hours of Sunday. Khun Pornchai reported the incident at Pattaya Police Station and revealed he was on his way home and was carrying a bag containing 70,000 Baht in cash which was allegedly stolen from him as he drove along Soi 15 which is a popular shortcut between Pattaya Second Road and Soi Beokeow. The man, who took the bag, shouted back at Khun Pornchai that if he followed him he would die. For this reason he decided to go straight to the Police Station where Police initially conducted a search of the area but could not find the suspect.

Full story and pictures HERE


-- Pattaya One 2011-09-05


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