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Restaurant And Bar Near Large Bangkok University

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Located near a large Bangkok University, this bar and restaurant is in an area with many other popular bars that draw both locals and foreigners. The area continues to expand and grow, drawing more business.

This five storey building includes a newly finished bar high on the third floor with3 flat screen plasma TV's, balconies, and two beautiful Brunswick pool tables.There are also two rooms available for rent on the same floor. The location of the bar offers greater privacy for customers.

The restaurant staff has been trained to make high quality pizzas, Tex/Mex fare,and various hamburgers and snack foods to western tastes and standards.

The entire space was built with "growth" in mind. The kitchen is equipped with itsown pizza dough machine, 2 pizza ovens, 8 refrigerators (3 more in residences),4 freezers, two full bars on separate floors, grills, stoves, a Webber grill,deep fryers, and many industrial appliances that will be needed once the right operator and marketing mechanisms are put in place.

More than 2.5 million Baht has been invested in renovations and equipment. The 600sqm premises are secured on a rolling 3 year lease with two renewals guaranteed. The monthly rent is 48,500 Baht and the landlord is willing to draft a new lease for the incoming tenants.

Thebusiness is currently breaking even with a monthly turnover of 300,000 Baht, but the current owner feels that with marketing and a motivated owner this business could grow rapidly.

There are living quarters for the owner or staff or the rooms can be rented out tobring in extra income.

The owner must sell the business as he plans to leave Thailand and return to his home country.

ASKING PRICE: 2.35 millionBaht



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