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Photos Do Not Show Up In My New Album.


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I Emailed this help request in because I did not notice this forum, sorry..... Anyways, I created a photo Album and uploaded 5 Images the way I would to any other sight and they do not show up. Only the titles of the Images show, not the images. I followed instructions by uploading my own images from my hard drive and I saw the upload in progress and as I stated the titles are there, the album name is there, but no Images. The images are jpegs re-sized to 800 x 600.

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Same happened to me. The individual albums are listed along with a box where the pic for the album should be, but only has a question mark inside. I click on the pic with the ? and it goes to that album with all the boxes empty and with ?'s.

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Yep, They know about it and are trying to correct it. I was Emailed by Linda from support after I posted on this forum. So, guess we just have to be patient.

Hi Paulian

The board software is having issues with the photo album that we hope to have corrected in the next upgrade. My apologies for the difficulties


Best Regards


Thaivisa Support

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