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Onward Ticket Requirement For Business Visa?

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I will be traveling to Thailand next month to teach English. I will be sending my application for a Non-Immigrant B Visa next week. The website for the consulate (in Portland) at which I will be applying states that one of the requirements for this visa is proof of an onward ticket. However, I don't know how long I will be staying in Thailand, and I intend to buy a one-way ticket. If my job doesn't pan out I may only stay the 90 days allowed by the visa. If things go as well as I hope I might stay for 1 to 2 years. Obviously I don't want to waste $600 on a return ticket that I might not use, but I have plenty of money saved up to buy a return ticket when I need to. While the Visa requirements for the instruction pdf state onward ticket, the quick reference guide on their website doesn't. I am tempted to call the consulate and ask them, but I worry that this might tip them off to a loop hole that they have been intentionally ignoring. If someone has applied for a business visa, I would like to know if the consulate actually required you to purchase a return ticket?

-Should I purchase my one-way ticket now and submit that with my application? This would almost necessitate paying extra for the insurance if I don't get the visa.


-Should I submit the Visa app with no ticket?

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I have never been asked for a return ticket either by the Thai consulate issuing the Non IMM B visa or the Thai immigration upon arrrival. Even when arriving in Thailand on a tourist visa I have never been asked to show a return ticket. The Thai consulate abroad that issued my last business visa ONLY asked to see my flight itinerary; ie travel dates, airline booking etc!

Hope this helps.

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