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Is It Allowed For Thai Citizens To Visit Preah Vihear From Cambodia?


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My Thai GF and I are traveling in my Thai registered car in Cambodia. We're in Siem Reap now, and would like to visit Preah Vihear. A local guide told us that Thai citizens are not allowed in the area by the Cambodian Army. Does anyone have any recent experience with this?

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as what i wrote but will repost it here for all;

We drove up to the booth and parked our car, My Camboidian GF, me and my daughter.

showed her US passport an mine.
Got motorbikes to the top ( $5 each) and started walking, a cop asked Angela ( my daughter where she was from, she looks thai) and she said thailand an the shit started.

They held us up an 10 minutes of phone calls back an forth, Finally they assigned us 3 polce who "escorted " us the whole time around the temple.

When ever they could the tried to get my daughter alone an ask her questions, she was really really upset an i kept pushig them away an telling them to go fuc_k off.

Only benefit was the one assigned to me spoke english so i learned alot about the area an temple

It left a realy bad feeling so YES do NOT take ur thai gf to Preah Vihear.....I am sure if we had showed her Thai passport at the bottom they would not have allowed her to go up the mtn

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