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Running A Bar In Sihanoukville,Cambodia


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You have to go there and see for yourself.

Snooky is still ruled by the Governor. Today you legally own something ... tomorrow ...naw, not anymore.

A bunch of cheap Pattaya Losers and mostly Backpackers are there.

Bring enuogh money and patience with you and you should be good to go.
For a small fortune, of course. Don't even think of getting rich there.

Do business with the Cambodians.
They have much more money.

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Watch out for the yabba addicted locals who resort to violent crime as they wish. Any business disputes in the wild west town of snookyville will be dealt with by aggressive cambodians. If you thought thailand was bad...

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Keep in mind that Sihanoukville has a rather long wet/quiet season, you will need to have plenty of savings in order to cover your expenses over that period. To be honest SV has far too many bars as it is, and many people's businesses do fail...there one week, gone the next. Be prepared...and be very wary.

I would suggest anyone considering opening any kind of business anywhere in Cambodia, spend several months living there first, get to know how everything works, do your market research, see what the quiet season is like. Far too many people come here expecting to make it, and end up running home with their tails between their legs and broke...or they just end up stuck here broke and homeless.

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Singapore has a casino on Sentosa, maybe not right on, but close to the beach

Been told to make it profitable to fly in, they need more 3-5 star hotels in SHV before they will offer more flights,

Once they get those ......

As to bars, u need sell Many many $.50 beers and $3 meals to make a profit

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In Cambodia (and for that matter Thailand too) the rule is - don't invest more than you can afford to lose.

Visas and rules re foreigners working are much easier in Camb than LOS, but "rule of law" is much less, i.e. almost nil. If someone "influential" wants your business or the land it is on, they are going to take it and that's that. Of course that is true in Thailand as well but the frequency with which it occurs is rather more in Camb.

With that caveat, if you can afford to risk some capital, go for it.

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