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Good to see a new forum for Cambodia

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Once again Cambodia gains from having Thailand as a neighbor. Following the plagues of the 14th century, Ayuttaya build Cambodia out of the ashes, establishing their new capital at U-Thong (named for the first King of Ayuttaya). Then again following the destruction by the Khmer Rouge, reteaching Busshist Ceremnonies, Handicrafts and Classical Dance.

Cambodians do not know their own history, that Saigon was once Prey Nokor (as in Nakon = Nation) and that the French forced them to flee and Siam offered sanctuary in SouthEastern Siam in the regions around Prah Tabong (Priests Staff) now called Battambang, that Siam Reap and Siam Pang were Siamese border towns, or that Ankor was inside Siam for 550 years.

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