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Cambodia 50-60% import tax imposed?


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So now it seems that it's official that Thailand is cheaper than Cambodia.

Evidently the Cambodian government has just introduced a 50 to 60% tax on imported goods to Cambodia. The Cambodian government/customs dept has stopped all cross border import operations nationally.

They did this without any prior warning and there are tons of goods sitting in containers at various border points. It even affects foodstuffs

This info is from a topic running in the Thailand forum. Anyone with more info about this?

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First I have heard of it.

There is a move afoot to reform the customs department and get importers to pay the legal tariff rather than bribing officials. But I very, very much doubt these will be 50-60% on all items. Especially essential items not produced locally

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"Rates of Customs Import Duty:

Tariff structure was changed in 2001 when the number of tariff bands was reduced from 12 to 4 and the maximum rate dropped from 120% to 35%, thus narrowing the spread. The tariff bands are now:

  • 0% for exempt goods such as medical and educational materials (covering 5% of tariff lines)
  • 7% for primary products and raw materials
  • 15% for capital goods, machinery and equipment, locally available raw materials
  • 35% for finished products, alcohol, petroleum products, vehicles, precious metals and stones"


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I don't know about the tax levels (though Sheryl's post looks authoritative) but they have certainly clamped down. My organisation has a container of humanitarian flood relief equipment stopped at the border point. I would like to think that it's an attempt to cut out (down?) the 'unofficial taxes' that have been the norm for years. Let's see.

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