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Protests cause number of foreign tourists to drop by 300,000: Thailand

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"On-going protests have caused the number of foreign tourist to drop by 300,000 so far, the permanent secretary for Tourism and Sports said Wednesday."

I wish they would make up their minds. One day the report is that tourism is up and continues to grow. The next day it drops by 300,000. Makes one wonder if TAT and T&S just make up these figures to suit their agenda whistling.gifwhistling.gifwhistling.gif

T&S ministry is "bad cop" with the bad news and dire warnings, then next day along comes TAT as "good cop" with the opposite news and good feelings.

They don't need to consult each other anyway since all the statistics are made up.

How do you count people who are NOT here??

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And no one to blame but themselves for the downturn of tourists 28 countries warning would be Thailand tourists to beware of coming here for a holiday I am sure they have many other safer places to spend their hard earned holiday money with their family rather than dangerous Thailand the wild west of Asia.

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