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How do I reset my Dtac tri-net smart phone


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I would like to reset my mobile phone for 2 reasons:

1. The western newspaper I read allows me to read a set number of articles before asking for subscription. If I reset / clear history on the phone I should be able to start again

2. I was daft enough to download chrome and now getting irritating messages when not logged into gmail etc. I want to completely reset to clear out the apps associated with chrome.

In the 'settings' area of my phone there are 2 options

1. backup my data - 'backup data etc to google servers'

2. factory data reset - 'erases all data on the phone'

I dont know if either of these is good for me. Perhaps you can help?

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The term DTAC Tri-Band Smart phone covers a large range of phones. Sounds like you have an Android based Smartphone. Go into settings>applications>manage applications>google chrome

press 'clear data' to clear all data for chrome or just 'uninstall'. No need to reset the phone. If you use factory data reset, you lose everything! Just like a Virgin phone. The default browser on Androids is usually just called 'Browser'.

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