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  1. Yes, this is the goal of public health, to stop an epidemic. Of course, to convince people to get vaccinated, they have to be told that a vaccine will prevent hospitalization in 90+% of cases. So what we usually hear is the 90% statistic. Anyway, the clinical trials have the endpoint of determining whether the vaccine works for individuals. Vaccines other than mRNA may only prevent infection in 50 or 30% of cases compared to around 70% for mRNA vaccines, but this data is all probably from before the advent of Delta. Breakthrough infections are a function of the vaccine
  2. Covid virulence would have to be much higher for this relationship to come into play. Ebola was initially killing around 50% of infected, so in the mid-70s isolated outbreaks would burn out. When mobility had greatly increased 15 years ago, even Ebola became a wider threat.
  3. Your immigration office might consult their paper records, speak with your wife. Maybe they can revoke the erroneous record on the TM30 system.
  4. If Thailand received this Polish donation, then the Red Cross could use this instead of the million doses that it is taking from the private hospital order arriving in November. Same for the public hospitals taking 200,000 doses, if these were not part of the private hospital order. If Red Cross paid for their doses, can they get a refund from Moderna?
  5. Maybe you should try doing the 90-day report by mail. Next time you absolutely have to go to immigration, couldn't you do a TM30 to correct your address, then continue filing by mail until there is a thread reporting that they have fixed the 90-day online snafu.
  6. Do you like Thai food? Spicy? Here are some: Baan Mae Cafe Khun Nine Khrua Chalong Less spicy, but good: Saenkham Terrace Ginger Farm Kitchen For farang food: L'Elephant Chez Marco Da Antonio
  7. Anyway, where did the idea of 10000 doses per hospital come from? Some hospitals are little more than shophouses. Where are the aggregate numbers?
  8. My objection to this infrastructure argument has been covered already by others, so I edited out comments on this post.
  9. Another reason for staff shortage is burnout - working long hours caring for dreadful Covid cases
  10. Big hospitals have several ICUs for various conditions, plus pediatric. You are talking about triage. That could be happening in certain US states with low vaccination rates.
  11. Think of it this way: The taxpayers will save a lot of money if there are no new Deltas, and the way there is to get people vaccinated in poorer countries. The supply chain disruption is still having serious consequences even for countries with high rates of vaccination. What happens with factories shutting down in Malaysia affects business in the US and Europe.
  12. Being in an ICU doesn't mean that you will necessarily get to a state where it goes down to flipping the switch.
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