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  1. One happy result of Covid and mRNA vaccines is that flu vaccines and others may receive updates with much higher efficacy, so lower death rates.
  2. Pfizer has now received full approval after many millions of jabs. There have been many studies and few adverse incidents.
  3. Environmental destruction in the Thrid World and massive "contributions" to global warming are misdirected if revenge were the motive. How about return to the norm: authoritarian social structure up to the limits of current technology and regional hegemony.
  4. Actually, this natural immunity fallacy has been around a long time: Great Barrington Declaration. Too many people were dying before vaccines were available. There is a huge contrast between states in the US where vaccine hesitancy is high and states with 60% or more of adults vaccinated. This shows pretty conclusively that vaccination is necessary. Natural immunity wanes and may not stand up to new variants. One good thing is that people who have had Covid and are then vaccinated, with even only a single jab, have incredible immunity, far surpassing a double jab in those who have
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