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61 victims of April Yala bombing compensated


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61 victims of April Yala bombing compensated
The Nation, Yala

BANGKOK: -- THE GOVERNMENT yesterday paid Bt2.619 million in compensation to 61 people affected by the two days of bombing attacks in the southern border province of Yala early last month.

Provincial Governor Dejrat Simsiri chaired the ceremony at a meeting room of the Yala office of the Highways Department in Muang district.

Coordinated bomb attacks launched against Raja Furniture and Sri Samai Warehouse in downtown Yala on April 6 and 7 affected 61 people.

Of the total Bt2.619 million earmarked, Bt2.449 million was divided among 44 victims in payment for their damaged properties, while the remaining 17 received Bt10,000 each in compensation for injuries.

The government had previously paid a total of Bt590,000 to the family of a slain person, and four other injured people, and had paid Bt8.6 million in total to 13 people whose properties had been damaged in the attack.

Meanwhile, a team of officials inspected the site and estimated that the damage caused was worth up to Bt154.367 million, though compensation for this amount has yet to be approved by the Centre for Southern Border Provinces Administration.

The government has also set up an ad hoc rehabilitation centre for victims of this attack. Muang Yala Municipality has been clearing the wreckage and the clean-up is expected to be completed today.

-- The Nation 2014-05-02

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