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Bar Worker stabbed by “friend” over debt issues at South Pattaya apartment


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Bar Worker stabbed by “friend” over debt issues at South Pattaya apartment


PATTAYA:--In the early hours of Friday Police and medics were called to a rented apartment behind A South Pattaya Temple to deal with a stabbing of a 28 year old bar worker by her so-called friend.

At the scene was Khun Ratree aged 28 who had sustained major blood loss from a stab wound to her right chest area. According to a friend of the victim, Khun Prapakili aged 25, she had been stabbed by Khun Noi after the pair engaged in a heated confrontation over an outstanding debt owed to an unlicensed money lender.

Earlier in the night, Khun Noi, the alleged attacker and Khun Prapakili had met at a rented 3rd floor apartment behind the Chaimongkol Temple on the South Pattaya Road which is shared by the victim and Khun Prapakili. Khun Noi explained that she had earlier been contacted by the money lender who was trying to pressurize Khun Noi to obtain the outstanding debit from Khun Ratree. Khun Noi contacted Khun Ratree by phone and asked her to come to the room to discuss the debt.
- See more at: http://www.pattayaone.net/pattaya-news/126935/bar-worker-stabbed-by-friend-over-debt-issues-at-south-pattaya-apartment/#sthash.xDDxI8Y1.dpuf

-- Pattaya One 2014-05-03

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