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Bangkok-Koh Kong-Sihanoukville bus connections/schedule?


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I'm trying to find out in advance about the bus connections from Bangkok towards Sihanoukville. A few months ago there was a news item that through-bus services would be available directly to Siem Reap and Phonm Penh.....i.e. same bus, same company. Is this possible towards Sihanoukville via Koh Kong? Or do I have to take a Thai-run service to the border, run the gamut of fake-visa scams to the real border post/visa office, and then get a Cambodian-run service onwards?

And where in Bangkok would such a service run from? Curbside in Khao Sarn like so many or from Ekkamai or ??

If I get an early bus out on Sunday morning I'm guessing that will get me to the border before it closes Sunday evening, which is the last day on my current Thai tourist visa entry (my 2nd, I have a 3rd but I'm among those who won't be let back in if I try to do the usual border run to Malaysia from Samui...)?

Or would it be better to leave Saturday night so I get to Sihanoukville Sunday evening in time to get to my buddy's bungalows? Is there somewhere cheap to stay in Koh Kong if it comes to that on Sunday night?

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If you want to DIY

I have done this trip many times from Pattaya usually picking up the bus at 6am (another about 11 am) as it passes the corner of Pattaya Klang/Sukhumvit. very cheap. Change to minibus at Trat bus station 120 baht? Walk across border..ignore silly man in white coat trying to fleece you for some sort of useless medical certificate. Moto into Koh Kong 80 baht.I am usually enjoying a cold beer in KK by 1pm. Border open later these days...till 7-8pm?

If poss have a Cambodian e visa, otherwise they will charge you 1000 baht + photo at Cambo immigration.

Try Dug Out GH in Koh Kong..even got a mini swimming pool.Otto's a bit more primitive but friendly. Quite a few more modern ones now.

Can use Thai baht in KK, but handy to have US $ too to avoid rip off rate.

Next day bus to Sihanoukville or take jet boat ferry if running.

You will have more frequent buses from Bangkok to Trat buses that bypass Pattaya going straight through Chonburi.

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oh so there IS a boat now.....from Koh Kong? Bus to Trat then mini-bus sounds like I should leave late at night from Bangkok to get to Koh Kong by early afternoon maybe? Would rather make it to Snooky in one fell swoop.

I was going to get an "ordinary visa" formerly the business visa, which SFAIK you can't get as an e-visa, but I'll check into it......

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No, boat no longer running.

From Bangkok, bus or minivan to Trat then minivan to the border at Hat Lek. Once across, moto taxi into town and bus or share taxi to SHV.

A long trek to do in one day....probably take over 12 hours. In addition, the departures from Koh Kong to SHV tend to be in the morning. Better to overnight in either Trat or Koh Kong.

If it were me, I'd fly to PP and taxi or bus from there to SHV.

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