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Beerlao 7-11


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Not sure if this is a new thing, I am pretty sure, but I have seen Beerlao in 2 different 7-11s, one in central pattaya a couple of nights ago and also in darkside..

both normal and dark beerlao - 50b a small one... pretty happy about this, I am not sure if I will always get it as I normally drink Leo and its about 10b more than Leo

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Thanks for the heads up. The 7-elevens around here near the Punch & Judy are also stocking it. I bought four bottles yesterday, two dark priced at 56 Baht each on the shelf and two light priced at 50 Baht each. They must have a computer glitch at the moment as the till rang up 50 Baht each for all four bottles. Ice cold and a very welcome change from the usual Thai beer. I can see I'm going to become a regular at the local 7-elevens, usually I only go there for a phone top up or a bag of ice.

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