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US - IR1 Visa - DC Filing - Timeline

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US IR1 Visa – Direct Consular Filing – Bangkok

Thursday Feb 14, 2013 – got married at Amphur Pak Ret, Nonthaburi. Cost: I paid using change from my pocket. 40 baht?

Friday Feb 14, 2014 – celebrated one year anniversary.

April 2014 – wife and I talked and decided we wanted to move to the US in April 2015. wife wants to experience snow.

April thru Sept. – started reading about how to get a US visa for my wife. I slowly gathered all of the documents required for filing the I-130 and the Packet 3.

July 2014 – two people in the US happily volunteered to sponsor my wife……#1 my uncle, #2 a buddy of mine.

Sept. 2014 – I received via mail the sponsorship application from both my uncle and my good buddy.

NOTE: I could’ve used one, but decided to use both for the hell of it.

NOTE: I maintained my US Domicile: bank acct, retirement savings, driver license, voter registration (I always voted absentee.)

Friday Oct 3, 2014 – filed I-130 at USCIS in Bkk – arrived at 9:45 and departed at 11:55. Paid 13,860 baht

got the medical check done at BNH Hospital –arrived at 1:00 and departed at 4:30 – paid almost 5,000 baht

Tuesday Oct 21 – got letter from USCIS indicating the I-130 was forwarded to the Consular Section at the US Embassy

Tuesday Oct 28 – got the official Packet 3 letter from the Consular Section at the US Embassy via mail.

Thursday Oct 30 – went to the Royal Thai Police HQ in Bkk with the official Packet 3 letter and applied for the Police Clearance Certificate – arrived at 9 and departed at 10. 100 baht plus 50 baht EMS mailing fee.

The receipt indicated the police certificate would arrive on or about Nov 20.

8:00 pm: went online and completed the DS-260 application and then created a personal profile at www.ustraveldocs.com/th

Monday Nov 10 - I emailed the IV Unit and asked if my wife could bring the Police Clearance Certificate to the interview, because it had yet to arrive, and they said yes.

Thursday Nov 13 – I mailed the Packet 3 Documents to the US Embassy, Consular Section, IV Unit.

82 baht EMS mailing fee.

Friday Nov 14 – 10am - Packet 3 arrived at US Embassy Bangkok.

Wednesday Nov 19 – 9 am - I received an email from the Immigrant Visa Unit instructing my wife to come in for The interview at 7 am Tuesday Dec 2nd.

The police certificate will arrive today or tomorrow.

I expect the interview to be about a 5 minute ordeal. My wife will have a small photo album containing 40 pictures along with several original documents. We will depart Thailand April 16, 2015.

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