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Sprouts, shoots and leaves

Kanga Japan

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Can someone possibly confirm whether the following are correct:

1. YOT (ยอด)

I have seen this used to describe a wide range - plant tips, sprouts and leaves. For example:

YOT FAK THONG (ยอดฟักทอง) - pumpkin shoots

YOT KRATHIN (ยอดกระถิน) - tender tip of tamarind horse

YOT MAPHRAO (ยอดมะพร้าว) - palm heart

YOT MARA (ยอดมะระ) - bitter gourd leaves

YOT MARA WAN (ยอดมะระหวาน) - choko/chayote sprout

YOT SADAO (ยอดสะเดา) - neem/margosa tips

2. NGOK (งอก)


3. NO (หน่อ)


Thank you for your help.

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It's pretty much as you have it:

ยอด - peak, apex or tip of something, including vegetable tips.

งอก - sprout (both verb and noun)

หน่อ - น. พืชที่งอกจากกอหรือเหง้าของต้นใหญ่ Vegetation which sprouts from a clump of vegetation or tuber/bulb of a big plant. (From RID definition, my rough translation)

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Dear AyG,

Thank you for that confirmation and also the translation.

It seems that in English, sprouts and shoots are more or less the same.

Shoots are described as: branches, stems, young growth

Sprouts are described as: young shoots

I guess that YOD is used as a general description to describe both and notice that recipes using YOD MARA also include the leaves.

Your help is much appreciated.

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Just to add to this topic, I sometimes hear the term ต้นอ่อน (dtohn aawn) used to describe young shoots or leaves. Of course we live in Isaan so a lot of things are said differently. My wife likes to eat sunflower shoots (seedlings) and calls them ต้นอ่อนทานตะวัน (dton aawn thaan dta wan).

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