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Two months possible without visa? Everywhere, or is it immigration dependent?

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I'm arriving in Thailand by air from Sri Lanka on 1 December. I should get a 30 day visa exempt stamp at the airport and I believe the rules now allow a further 30 day extension at an immigration office (rather than the former 7 day "time to leave" rejection). I have also heard rumours however that certain immigration offices are not giving the 30 days and only the 7.

I would be planning on getting the extension somewhere in the south between Lang Suan and the Malaysian border. My plan is to go down the west coast and go to a few islands like Koh Chang near Rayong and but I don't plan to go to Phuket.

I'm asking as I have heard this new rule may not be applied uniformly and some immigration offices are still only giving the seven days. I have been in Sri Lanka for almost a month but I have been in Thailand "a lot" previously (tourist, never worked, etc.)

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The rule is applied anywhere.

Now it's late, but if you could get a tourist visa that would be better because it cost less than an extension, and avoids any problem when boarding the flight.

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