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One year Ed-visa, reporting by post?

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Hi guys,

I'm just about to apply for a One Year Multi Entry Non-imm E visa (Ed Visa)....

Basically I wanted to check what the deal is with 'reporting' every 90 days.
I know its not the same as the 3 month extensions, as its already 1 year, so just a report of your current location is all that's needed. and I've been told that you can even report by post, no need to even show your face at an immigration office for the whole year.

However, I was wondering after I was told this info, and so wanted to check, that this was true.
With the One Year Multi Entry Ed visa, can you report by post? Or must it be in person?

Because if you do not come in person, they cannot randomly test you, or even have proof you still in the area.

If someone could get me the actual rules about Ed-visa 90 reporting-in that would be a massive help.

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If you had a multiple entry ED visa you would not have to make 90 day reports because you would have to leave the country every 90 days.

If you are attending a language school and getting an extension of stay (it is not a visa) every 90 days you have to do them in person. Also you would have to get a new re-entry permit for every extension if you want to travel.

You seem to be confusing reports of staying in the country more than 90 days with extensions. You can do the 90 day reports by mail but not extensions.

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Did you not catch this thread unless you are paying for 2x 6-month blocks ?


I thought there is no guarantee of a year now and that it looks like it is a maximum of 6 months as of last week based on 200 hours crammed into 6 months....not sure where non-Thai study stands, as the focus seems to be on language study courses producing .a certain kind of 'persona non grata'...well read the thread above.

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