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Multi Non-O (Marriage) Visa Jakarta

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Another year gone by, so an update on applications for a 1 year Multi Entry Non-O (Marriage) Visa at the Jakarta Embassy.

Received my passport from the agent this morning, no problems, application was submitted on 11th December and collected on the 15th, there's a weekend in-between.

Submitted the following documents:

  • Passport plus photocopy of ID page
  • Application form plus 2x passport photos
  • Marriage certificate plus photocopy signed by the wife
  • Photocopy of wife's ID (front + back) signed by the wife
  • Photocopy of the Tabian Bahn signed by the wife
  • Bank savings book showing sufficient funds, there was more than Thb200,000 showing this trip
  • Letter from the wife asking they grant the visa
  • USD 200, though they stung me on the exchange rate at 2.8m Rupiah
I used the same agent as previously, they collected from my hotel and return to my office, their fee was IDR700,000 this year.
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Would they process the visa if there is no proof you actually are in Indonesia (no stamp in passport) ? I am not in Thailand but working in a country where there is no Thai embassy. I am looking for a place where they would process the visa remotely through an agent without me being physically present, that would save me a dedicated trip just for the visa.


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