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Lopburi for a few days


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I was thinking about checking it out, over New Years..I know there are the monkeys everywhere, some old Khmer temples and King Narai's palace..could you spend 2-3 days there? Any one have any ideas/suggestions/experiences/tales?

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It is a nice city but not over big,2-3 days would be a long time,and you would see everything at last twice I like the palace and museum ,but I like museums,unless you want to venture out and visit other places,depends what you are in to,you do not say how you are getting they if you are driving go out to the botanical gardens at Poo.Kear,about 40 mins from Lopburi,or the Passak dam and sun flowers at Pattananikom,1 hour from Lopburi,they are buses to these places, bus station is out of town a bit

Look at a map a lot of local places are on Google.

A lot of people say that Lopburi is a nice city compared to other Thai cities( forget Saraburi).

Not knowing what you like it is difficult to say.

But I would recomend it for a day or two.

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