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Pharmacy or doctors.


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Benzos (diazepam etc) are available over the counter here.


So are non-addictive meds like Escitalopram and venlafaxine.


Not a good idea to self medicate with any of these and especially not a good idea with benzos as they are very, very addictive and the anxiety you may have now is nothing compared to what you will experience trying to get off them.


In addition, meds should be a last nto first resort for anxiety and are always better when in combination with some type of counselling


contact Dr. Ben van den Bussche, a Dutch psychiatrist-psychotherapist working at Sunrise Mental Clinic, #112, St. 432 (behind Embassy of China), mobile 090697106.  email [email protected]




see http://www.indigo-cambodia.com/sample-page/





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