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Fujifilm X-T10 for sale... someday


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Hi everyone,


I plan to buy the X-T20 soon and want to sell my X-T10 afterwards. So I research the demand of the old model as I prefer to sell it locally rather then through Ebay with shipping somewhere abroad.

It is the 18-55mm lens kit, I bought it last November in Big Camera for 37000 baht. Good condition, maybe some negligible wear from 4 months usage. I will add a convenient lens cap with a strap worth $5 and a high quality PU leather case worth $20, because I've switched to the 18-135mm lens for everyday use and these accessories do not fit it.


I want to get 27000 baht but will listen to any offers. I live on Koh Samui, could show the camera here.



To moderators: please do not delete - I did not create the listing at classifieds.thaivisa.com because I do not know when exactly I will sell the camera.

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Received the X-T20 at last, so now X-T10 sale goes live.

Got two 16GB cards but I do not need them so I will add them to X-T10 for free.


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