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I've been unable to find much info on my situation so would be grateful for any help


My daughter has a NON O ED visa for attending school in Thailand and I have the Guardian Visa attached.  I did the extension in December to get 12 month stamp.


Last week I took her out of the school she was attending and they have now asked that I come to the school to sign a document to confirm her withdrawal so that they can inform immigration.


So my questions are:


1.  How long do I have before I have to leave Thailand from when she officially leaves the school ?


2.  Is there any issue with getting a tourist visa after the ED visa so we can come back for a few months?



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1. Technically the same day she stopped attending school.

 I don't think the school will be able to cancel the extensions. If the school would postdate the the withdrawal for a few days you could go to immigration to have the extensions cancelled a few the days before the withdrawal date and immigration would post date the cancellations until that date. That would give you time to leave the country.

2. You should not have any problems getting tourist visas.

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Thank you for your reply.  That's what I was afraid of.


I should be able to arrange with the school to put the leaving date for a few weeks time (it is school holidays now).


I was planning to fly to Bali end of next week.


Do I need to cancel the extensions at immigration or can I just fly out of Thailand and get an exit stamp to effectively do the same thing?


Thanks again.

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