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Dry waste/wet waste


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In Bangkok and I imagine in other parts of Thailand too we're supposed to put dry waste and wet waste in different bins. Some things are extremely obvious like plastic bags and newspapers in the dry waste and food in the wet waste. But there are some things that don't obviously fall into either category. Can anyone offer guidance on these:


  • everything I sweep up from the floor, which includes a lot of human hair
  • nail clippings
  • used tissues (used to dry inside my ears after a shower, for example)
  • kitchen towels with small amounts of food (e.g. cooking oil)
  • greasy aluminium foil used for cooking
  • sardine cans, with a fair amount of stinky tomato sauce stuck on the inside



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I would class all those as "wet".


We don't have to separate but most left over food goes in the chickens or the dogs.


Beer cans separated for the in-laws to recycle, everything else in the bin to be collected for land-fill.

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