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NRSA accepts petition from THAI Union concerning aircraft purchase


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NRSA accepts petition from THAI Union concerning aircraft purchase


BANGKOK, April 20, 2017 (NNT) - The National Reform Steering Assembly has accepted a petition from the labor union of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, which expresses concerns over alleged irregularities surrounding the company’s past purchase of aircraft. 

Admiral Pajun Tamprateep, chairman of the NRSA subcommittee appointed to study and propose anti-corruption measures, on Wednesday met with Damrong Waikanee, president of Thai Airways Labor International Union, who presented a petition calling for an investigation into the Board of Directors of the national carrier and their handling of the purchase of aircraft in 2009. 

The airline’s labor union suspects some mistakes in the process, which could have led to the company’s financial losses and decision to sell some of the unused planes. 

They also claimed that the airline’s Board of Directors failed in the hedging of the fuel price during 2015-2016, which resulted in the company having to pay for fuel at a price that was higher than the market level. 

Admiral Pajun said that the subcommittee will look into the matter before passing it on to the National Anti-Corruption Commission and the Office of the Auditor General for further investigation.

-- nnt 2017-04-20
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Unless a foreign nation can prove Thai corruption, it's unlikely that a Thai State-owned enterprise will be investigated by the State for corruption. And now that the State is ruled by the military, well ..... good luck with that next lottery ticket.

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