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Transport Ministry suspends construction of two extensions of Green Line train project


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Transport Ministry suspends construction of two extensions of Green Line train project



The Transport Ministry has ordered temporary suspension of construction of two extensions of the Green Line train project pending a settlement on debt transfer between Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority.


Acting MRT governor Thiraphan Techasirinukul said Friday that the Interior Ministry which oversees the BMA was in the process of seeking a fund amounting to 60,815 million baht to repay the debt incurred from the construction of two sections the Green Line project from Baring and Samut Prakan and from Mor Chit through Saphan Mai to Khu Khot.


If the right to manage the two sectors is to be transferred to the BMA, then it should be the discretion of the BMA to decide to proceed with the two extensions from Samut Prakan to Bang Poo and from Khu Khot to Lam Looka, said Thiraphan.


Full story: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/transport-ministry-suspends-construction-two-extensions-green-line-train-project/


-- © Copyright Thai PBS 2017-05-06
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No honestly, this is a G2G deal ( actually department to department deal), therefore, looking back into previous deals....it appears this one is non-fat, let alone semi-skimmed.
Blue top, full fat is no doubt required hers.

Gold Top - Channel Island milk Geordie - have you seen the price of Mercs recently?
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