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Cambodian lady married to Thai man. work permit

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What the 25,000 baht for? The 2000 baht is low for a work permit application which is 3000 baht for one year.

Since she is married to a Thai she could get work permit and work with a non-o visa or a one year extension based upon her marriage.

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20 minutes ago, croftrobin said:

she is married to a thai man. so should get a non o automatically

You would have to apply for a single non-o at the embassy in Phnom Penh. Only her marriage certificate plus a copy, signed copies of her husband's house book  registry and  ID card would be needed. The fee would be $80.

Then she could apply for a one year extension of stay based upon marriage during the last 30 days of the 90 day entry from the visa at the local immigration office. Her husband would have to be with her when she applies. There would be assorted supporting documents needed. The fee for the extension is 1900 baht.

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