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Death and Donation of Ones Body to Medical Learning


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A morbid topic , maybe yes maybe no, but definitely about death


Over the last year I have seen too many doctors and too many hospitals, and was diagnosed with prostate and colorectal cancers


At the moment I am in Bangkok at the Chulalongkorn in the middle of three monthly checks, which if I am very lucky will continue for another couple of years, we are in the    wait,     watch    and    monitor stage,     and so far have avoided major surgery, note I say so far, there are no guarantees, it could even change in the next couple of days, and I do say "Thank you God," I am not strongly religious but do believe in something


But then living is terminal


I have had and continue to have some exceedingly high quality treatment at very affordable prices, and at the moment have four very loving and caring consultants/surgeons on my case


I am considering donating my body to medical science, as a small gesture of thanks for what is being done  for and to me


Does anyone know what has to be done, to accomplish my wishes I presume it is not as simple as putting me in a box taking it to the train in KhonKaen and delivering it to the Chulalongkorn medical school, in BKK, I know if I leave those instructions, my loving wife would follow them to the letter, I have told her to negotiate with a market porter to get from the train station to the medical school, the cart need not be too flash, or too quick, just make sure it will do the trip


As an entrepreneur which I will be until the end; this has cost saving appeals as well 


On this same topic of seizing opportunities when you can, we had a half day free from hospitals,  yesterday, and went to the  Motor Bike auctions in Bangkok and bought a Honda Wave for the kids One year old, 5,000 kms and saved 40% of new cost, and it will be back home before we are


A final though maybe the wife could get a deal from the man who is delivering the motor bike, on the coffin as he would probably be running empty when returning south


Life is for living ! smile and stay happy !

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Isn't there a medical teaching university in KhonKaen?  Perhaps you can make inquiries there. There is a medical teaching university in Chiang Mai where I live.  They accept donations for the anatomy classes.  They even have a little brochure explaining the donation process, both in Thai and in English.  Sadly, however they state they do not want to accept donations of people who have died of certain conditions and cancer is on the list.  But, so is being over age 80 and I talked with them when I was the executor for a lady over age 80 who wished to donate her body.  She was very active physically until the end and died fairly suddenly of a stroke.  They agreed to the donation.  Their decision depends on their needs at the time, too.  

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Chiang Mai University certainly accepts foreigners.  Why else would they print an information pamphlet in English?  In fact, I think the reason they accepted my 80 plus year old friend was because they want diversity for their anatomy classes.

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25 minutes ago, NancyL said:

Chiang Mai University certainly accepts foreigners.  Why else would they print an information pamphlet in English?  In fact, I think the reason they accepted my 80 plus year old friend was because they want diversity for their anatomy classes.


And, maybe Thais aren't all that eager on the concept. Wife's family certainly isn't.

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I opened this thread a little tongue in cheeque , with some humour, I hope,,  but it is something I very seriously want to try and do


I want to try and give something back


I also accept I live here in Thailand; and what I want that could be achieved in other places may not be achievable here


My father also gave me the difficult pointer there is no such thing as can't be done


Would I let my body go to a University in Issan; No because I do not have enough faith in them, and in KhonKaen when alive I had misguided advice, the bonfire is a better solution, my body my choice


I have since starting this thread sent a general email to Chulalongthorn  Medical School, I am still choosey whether dead or alive who handles my body


Even when dead I believe I will know whats going on, a bit weird but then so am I


PS I remain hopeful and confident I may have many more happy years to live, I am not in despair or depression



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6 hours ago, hellohello said:

not to highjack.  but there is some some hope and relief on the horizon for cancer and thailand.



good luck. al007

Thank you hellohello


We have both been through the wringer on this cancer matter and you even more than me


I do remain very positive about it all ,and in two hours time I have the final consultation on the series of check ups this three months with the colorectal surgeon


I awoke thinking if he says the worst  SURGERY !! what is my reply, and that I do not know


Dying in pain scares me greatly but so does having surgery, and medical marjuana the availability of medical sedatives of some sort would take away a little of the stress


Maybe I plan too much but we have a plan where by I can end my days at home with nursing care there, also another reason for exploring donation of my body


But so far so good, I will write more later this week on our PM thread, but just wanted to say thank you for all your support on open forum


May your recovery also continue strongly

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On 5/20/2017 at 7:13 PM, Sheryl said:

They accept farang bodies. And yes, there is a University Hospital in Khon Kaen and likely it has pamphlets explaining the process.

I hope this helps? It's for the Bangkok area but you can telephone them for info of where you live.




Body Donation for Studies

                 The donation of bodies for medical studies creates great merit. The act of giving creates happiness in both parties--the donor is proud of giving while the recipient receives what he/she needs.
                  In donating bodies for medical studies, the donor is the greatest giver willing to give up his body to people he has never met, hoping that those who examine his body will use whichever discovery they make for the benefit of the human race. Expecting nothing in return, the donor has committed the final great deed of life in the hope that those left behind will no longer have to suffer from the same diseases or ailments he did.

                  Body donation for medical studies brings many benefits in terms of education, health care, and morality, which will lead to future social development. Medical personnel, especially in the field of medical research studies, need to learn from human bodies in order to receive important guidelines for treating patients in the future. The benefits of studies on donated bodies are obvious in many areas such as:
                 1. medical students' education
                 2. specialists' education
                 3. nursing students' education
                 4. medical technician students' education
                 5. radiologists' training
                 6. medical research
                 7. the establishment of anatomy museums

                 Those who wish to make body donations can either:
                  1. directly submit their intention form at the Division of Body Donation, Secretary Section, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. The donor is requested to fill out 3 forms-two of which will be given to the donor while the other will be kept by the official. The official will also issue a donor ID.
                 or 2. submit their intention form via mail. The donor will fill out 3 donation forms, two of which will be mailed. The official will then mail you your donor ID card.
                 When the donor passes away, his/her descendants have the right not to give the body to the hospital. This can be done by giving the hospital an objection notice within 24 hours.
                 However, if the descendants agree to give up the body to the hospital, they will be requested to fill out a form that indicates their willingness to donate the body for medical purposes. The deceased's family can plan for officers to collect the body by contacting:
                1. Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine: 02-2564281, 2527028 or 2528181-9 Ext 3247 during office hours.
                 2. Morgue: 02-2564317 for non-office hours.

                 The hospital can accept the body only when a death certificate has been issued by the local office responsible for the district where the donor passed away
                 The hospital can provide a body pick-up only within Bangkok and its suburbs.
                 Once the hospital has taken the donated body, the relatives will not be allowed to take the body out for a religious rite as this may cause conditions undesirable for the studies.
                 When the official collects the body, the deceased's relatives should give the most active contact address to the official so that they can be contacted after medical students have examined the body. Any address change should be notified.
                 The Division of Anatomy may conduct studies on the donated bodies for the purposes of:
                 1.medical students' and residents' education
                 2. manual skills training and medical research
                  After the body has been studied, a committee will provide a funeral and, in special cases, royalty may attend.

Qualifications of donors
                 Donors must be at least 20 years old. Those who are under 20 must have a written consent from their parents/guardians.
                 The hospital will not accept bodies in the following cases:
                 - The donor has been dead for over 24 hours. (except in the case where the body has been stored in a hospital's morgue)
                 - The donor has undergone an operation or has wounds from head and brain accidents.
                 - The donor has died from brain cancer or fatal diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, and tuberculosis.
                 - The donor is involved in a court case or has undergone an autopsy, except one performed around the abdominal area, which can be used for medical studies.
                 - The body has been preserved with formalin.
                 If any of the conditions above are detected after the body has been given up to the hospital, the hospital will contact the donor's relatives to take back the body for a funeral.

Contact Address (during office hours only)
Secretary Division, Administrative Building,
Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Required Documents:
                 1. Three 1-inch or 2-inch photos
                 2. a copy of ID card or civil servant ID card
                 3. a copy of residence registration






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Having been directed here from another thread, there are some questions that I'm interested in asking:


There doesn't seem to be a national scheme for either body donation, or any organ donation scheme for transplant use?


I live in Udon Thani. From what I can see it seems I would need to register with KhonKaen University and fill in their paperwork.


If I happened to be at the other end of the country when I die, it would be a complicated not to mention stressful situation for my wife to be in, to organise transporting my body.

It seems if you leave your body to medical science, they will only accept if within 24 hours?





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I have learnt a lot more since I started this thread and written a lot some may say too much

Maybe search on my name and you will see a lot


I live in KhonKaen , my choice is for my body to go to Chula  BKK because of what they have done to help me


My wife feels with a little planning she can get my body to Chula within their timescale of 24 hrs


Srinakarin University  Hospital in KhonKaen also accepts bodies, and may be more appropriate


Should your wife wish to talk to mine or you to me PM me and I will give you our phone numbers


Registration and donor card is very easy if you have the pink non resident ID card


I plan in due course to investigate more in KhonKaen, as it might just be a lot easier

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