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Foreigner in lucky escape as wall falls on him on footpath in Bangkok


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9 hours ago, DLang said:

Lucky he doesn't have to pay for the broken wall. 

Give them time. Once the netizens find out and the story gets legs, anything is possible.  ;-)

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Some 10 years ago, my then Thai girlfriend's father was waiting at an intersection to cross the road when a young Thai motorcycle rider lost control of his bike and came off the bike.
The runaway bike continued across the intersection and struck my girlfriend's father.
He was 70 years old at the time, and walked with a cane until he passed away about 5 years later from natural causes.
You never know, do you..

Yes indeed, you never know. But we all know the risk of injury and or death is far higher in Thailand than many most countries. And compensation or justice from perpetrators of such injury and or death is pathetically minimal.
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