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Pistol-packing princess gives Belgian PM an earful


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Pistol-packing princess gives Belgian PM an earful





BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A Belgian princess fired a starting pistol so close to the prime minister's ear that he had to undergo medical treatment and cancel a speech in parliament on Tuesday.


Charles Michel was standing on a podium next to Princess Astrid, younger sister of King Philippe, when she signaled the start of Sunday's annual Brussels 20 km road race. His spokesman said he later realized the loud report had damaged his hearing.


The prime minister, 41, can be seen flinching markedly in photographs take as the princess pulled the trigger. Astrid, 54, went on to join 40,000 others and run the race herself.


(Reporting by Robert-Jan Bartunek; editing by Philip Blenkinsop and Angus MacSwan)

-- © Copyright Reuters 2017-05-31
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He must be a real pissy.(replace the i). Probably one of those soccer players that fakes his injuries. The starter pistol is a 22 caliber that fire the 22 short round and its hardly a pop.Yea ,What a PiSSY.

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I might be mistaken but I think the barrel of a starter pistol is blocked. That means the exhausted is vented out the side of the gun, in this case right at him. If you look the fire is coming out right near the cartridge, not the end of the barrel. He might have a legitimate complaint.

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