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  1. Read elsewhere Bidet is considering still to say 'No' - If they become stateless, the next book would be even hotter... "Ginger Megs does Scorched Earth" ... nothing else to lose...
  2. shady protection scheme for the graveyard shift preferred... moonburn protection for those many less melanin endowed? 😎
  3. ...and that other fullscreen JapanAirlines even more so...
  4. Every country roung ye olde globe make IDPs available via their respective Automobile Associations, so don't waste yur time going to your DLTs or DMVs...
  5. Thanx... the Wi-Fi methods tried were: home household NBN WPA secured Wi-Fi, and also tried do a secured Wi-Fi hotspot from another android phone... For our trip i used a factory reset fresh android with nothing like Developer done to it... a clean phone Still like to know if anyone has tried to register their thai bank account using a foreign phone for verification? or is a +66 mobile mandatory? or or anyone know a thai network that has international roaming capability?
  6. tifino


    ... sort of almost there... with a Peltier Cell, there is created a temperature difference between the Ceramic sides, that could easily reach a 60C difference between the plates surfaces... One side is 'colder' or 'hotter' than the other substrate side depending on the Value and polarity of the DC applied to the Cell's wiring. For the 'colder' side there must be airflow to dissipate that 'colder' air to the enclosure you want 'cooled' If you managed to achieve say a 10degC breeze, then the 'hotter' side will be lets say 60degC 'hotter' than whatever the 'colder' side got down to... This is important to realise, in that if it turned out your 'cooler' side ends up measured sitting at something higher say still at 35c, then expect the 'hotter' side substrate to be experiencing 95degC at this same time. Peltiers are rather inefficient, and there will actually be an overall 'increase' of the total environment temperature Peltier Cells overall must never be allowed to exceed the Max Temp specs of the particular Peltier Cell. Always keep in mind that one side of the Cell is always the approx 60degC hotter/cooler than the other relatively... An albeit expensive demo of this would be if after the Cell has been operating for some time, and you were to swap the polarity of the Cell; that destruction can soon follow... In practice this reperesents when you have say a peltier Esky that has a Switch for swapping between its Oven Warming Foods mode to Cooling Drinks mode... A techo description of this is that the inside plate of the Esky might have reached its 70C desired food warming temp, with the outside currently sitting at say 10decC or near depending on room temperature (assuming a 60degC difference for simplicity purposes) NOW, if you hit the Switch, the Inside Plate currently at 70degC and is the slower surface to change temperature... concurrently the Outside plate which was initially at near room temperature, quickly jumps in temperature to restore a new 60degC difference hotter than the Inner plate... This in effect forces that outer plate to quickly approach a self destructive temperature of approx 130degC... With a peltier device, the side of the peltier that dissipates the heat away, needs really to be fan force vented to outside of the room/enclosure you are in, rather like what is needed for a portable AC unit on wheels
  7. yeah it is good at least there's more customr experiences being populated via a google search now... We popped bacjk up to LOS for a 3 wks sojourn, and went with AIS for all our connections this time round... Did all the resurrecting of the Mrs's cobwebbed passbook account, over the counter at PaTong, and all goes well using the SIM number we updated her Acct Profile to for carrying on with the SCB EasyApp. We experienced that yes all was to happen over the SIM data connection, and did find that even when properly set up, that even after fully registered, SCB Banking would never operate day by day, when trying to use WiFi for the connection. Yes it (the App) does not like a 2nd phone ie a tablet trying to connect ( we found this when trying to do stuff over WiFi on a Tablet we left daily at the hotel Room just for this... Okay so we are now back in OZ, and the first thing we tried was to reconnect, from OS... Well firstly found that AIS (well at least the 999ThB Tourist 4G SIM) only works when inside LOS, in that there is No Int'l Roaming at all... We though this might happen so had kept positive attitude that WiFi might still be usable in lieu from anywhere else around the planet?... alas Not... So now it comes down to whether it is possible to (prior to leaving LOS) to have one's account profile amended to reflect an Int'l Moble Number to replace the domestic +66 number associated? Maybe someone out there has tried this already? The other avenue is the question whether someone fluked associating a TH mobile Number to their Acct, that does have International Roaming? (as in fluked buying the appropriate carrier's SIM that has it? - and therefore technically able to transact the App whilst outside of LOS? - it is all about being able to respond to Verification Codes sent via SMS... In the meantime we have to return to resorting to visit our friendly Thai Grocer in Melbourne, to do the Transfers ye olde way - manually over the phone back to his Associate in TH...
  8. that was one of the misleading angles from one of the interviewed. (and they keep changing their stories).. the Police (autopsy?) have it she was wearing a i think you'd call it a jumpsuit underneath her clothes... can't pee or poo without taking that off... that 'jumpsuit' was not disturbed and there was no crotch-hole, so they now say she was not peeing or pooing Just now Mrs heard the Police have it the Leg Cut was Not from a boat propeller, but was a knife cut One of the Females had victims blood on her shoeheel... the one that rammed her heel on the victims hand to stop her getting back into the boat
  9. Mrs has been following this closely, running back to the lounge with each new development Ealriest was about how suspiciously each of the 5 interviewed gave a different story The BiBs must have been swatting up homework on Agatha Christie WhoDunnits, as the BIB seem to be abale to see thro=u the smoke this time One female interviewed spoke only a few words, then scarpered out the dunny window. She's alo=so given a fake name One male has dropped the bag and after given Immunity from prosecution has described what he'd seen... she was being fought by another female up front. Female pushed her whilst wine being thrown. Girl tries to hold on but the other has trodded on her hands trying to loosen her grip. Victims blood a little while ago is declared found on the other girls highheels. He'd gone on that 'most' on board knew this was all going to happen Another male responded he'd tried to help her to warn her she was a target. When the poo did hit the fan, he tried even to phone for help, but another man openly threatened him to stop or he'd be next. the male perp took his phone off him The wasted time circling was to give them the time to for them hopefully wait for her to be dragged down the river to the sea... The Driver claims not to have been drinking. He claimed he'd call for the passengers to stop drinking (so why didn't he stop the boat there and then?) Many witness videos already appeared on thai social media of the boat about to pick them up Reports also of shore home people hearing her utters for help.. Mrs says that most on board were ones owing her lots of Baht One female said the girl had gone to the side of the boat for toilet. BIBs have just reported autopsy shows no efforts made to poo... Mum has also said her daughter was deathly scared of boats BIBs also said she was still wearing undisturbed bodysuit (no access orifices) under her clothes so a poo attempt claim now totally dismissed
  10. I wonder how many people have broken their thumbnails? - absently thinking it was a 'softer' mangosteen ????
  11. or like back in WW2 when they sided with Japan thinking that'll keep'em all safe! - translated that to Now; and it's side with the PLA Navy berthed alongside, as it'll keep'em safe from the CCP new Hyper Missile Nukes if the PLA is still lingering nearby...
  12. they instead then become a "Carrier" Much like how a Mum who contracted German Measles as a kid does not suffer herself through her life, but her new born Daughter ends up needing a Cochlear Implant, and beer bottle lens spectacles...
  13. a Piper Enforcer instead!! not THAT really would do a great job ???? the AT6-B looks mostly an emulation of the PC-9 series there's quite a few studies of the same aircraft in OP https://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/001492530.html
  14. yeah did all this things, and even created TUBI accts on a laptop too... Trouble with my Hisense (2018) is that since the previous Post, even TUBI is no longer on the menu to even Choose it... - So given all the above, I even tried forgetting about the 'hisense playstore' and tried going basic and trying the Smart TVs own Browser and directly access the TUBI desktop page. Okay can go to the main login page but LogIn cannot be completed, all one can get to do is Input the Password then Email, and the screen goes no further... ps if one inputs Email firstly, even the password cannot be entered... The 'TUBI App'/'TUBI on Browser TV' login are also preventing trying to use 'Facebook login', and 'Email Log in' ... the TV screen simply doesn't let one complete typing it all in...
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