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Change of address / 90 day report

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My partner and I arrived in BKK on a OA (retirement) visa and a Non-immigrant B visa respectively. We put a hotel down as our address on the arrivals card and now we are moving into a condo we rented.


Do we have to notify authorities of the change in address and if so, how?


Neither one of us received anything about doing 90 day reports. Should we expect something in the mail for that or is that something that we are expected to kno somehow?



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Immigration sends nothing in the mail to remind foreigners to submit the notification of staying in Thailand longer than 90 days.


You, who arrived with an non-OA visa and received permission to stay must submit this notification.


Your partner, who entered with a non-B visa and received permission to stay 90 days, must leave the country before the expiration of these 90 days and therefore must not submit the 90-day notification.

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Went to Korat Immigration yesterday after moving in from another province to report my new address.

They said, it's not my job to report but the responsibility of the landlord. The landlord must come to immigration in person and provide the TM30 form there.


It seems every immigration office has its own rules.


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