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Single entry tourist visa

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Quick question if anyone could please help, as there is so much mixed info online...


Basically I heard that if i have a single entry tourist visa once the 90 days is up, its possible to stay in Cambodia for a week and then get a whole new single entry visa granting me another total of 90 days. The multiple entry tourist visa isn't really an option for me right now as I need to prove I've had the required funds in my bank for 6 months, so really I am looking for an alternative option. Thank you

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You can get 2 months visa in your country. Then extend them for 30 days in Thailand.


After you can go to Laos/Cambodia, get another 2 months visa. And after extend them for 30 days.


You can do this again and again and again. Just traveling between Thailand and Laos/Cambodia to get 2 months visa. And extending them for 30 days. I was doing that for about 3 years in a row before I got in to a trouble (warned by Laos embassy, not to do that anymore).

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You can get s single entry visa from Thai embassies/consulates in any country neighbouring Thailand. You don't need to stay for 1 week. You apply in the morning of day 1 and collect the visa in the afternoon of day 2. Once you have the visa you can re-enter Thailand.

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3 hours ago, Vixiena said:

Thanks guys, you have been a lot of help! When I re-enter does it need to be by air or can it be by land also?


Either but some land borders are asking to see 20k in Thai Baht as proof you have funds to live. Also, some embassies are asking for flight out in 60 or 90 days and proof of where you will be staying in order to get a visa in the first place.


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