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Changing Money


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Whenever I've wondered past the 'money changer' I've always felt that those people that seem to be haggling for the best rates and scribbling furiously into notebooks before rushing of the next 'money changer' looking for a 'better rate' for their five Indian Rupees or their  four Rubbles were a bit over the top. A lot of drama for very little in terms of difference between one 'money changer' to the next.

Apparently, I'm wrong. I was mentioning to a friend how I wanted to buy a couple of hundred US dollars and he told me that if I want to get the best rate I should go to ........... and I'd get a great rate.

Can anyone tell me their best suggestions for THB to US in Pattaya or Jomtien? I've been told of a place in Soi Bhukow that's supposed to be pretty good. Any other ideas?

Thanks in Advance.

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