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90 Day Report in Chiangmai

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This morning I got my 90 day report at the (alleged) One-stop Center at Promenada Mall done in 57 minutes. This even included making copies of the PP next door. The usual 2 officers tore through about 15 queue numbers in 20 minutes, as I looked on in amazement.  My head is still spinning!


Question: Did someone finally light a fire under their posteriors, or did I just get lucky??? 


My previous record at this location was about 3 hours. Of course in Phuket I always got it done in about 20 minutes. 

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Also did my 90 day report at Promenada yesterday (Tuesday).

As they gave me my queue number I heard it being called.

Was out in less than five minutes, it would have been less than 1 minute but it took two of the staff 4 minutes to explain to an American that he didn't have to do a 90 day report as he had entered on a visa exempt and had a 30 day extension! He had all the forms and photocopies but seemed to have problems understanding that 60 days is less than 90 days!!

Think it was quick because not so many people there at that time. 


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