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Kaspersky security

Chris Lawrence

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I have had the Kaspersky Internet security full strength on the computer for last 6-8 months. Before that I drove Norton's.


Last 2-3 months can't get on TV without protection windows popping up. Has TV introduced new tracking devices?


Any other thought's.

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You can submit the full url link of any webpage you're getting the warning messages on to Kaspersky's Online Virus Desk or other online site scanners (such as VirusTotal.com) and see if it's detecting any malicious issues.


Kaspersky's PC software isn't the first Anti-Virus software to flag ThaiVisa pages, but I believe all have been false positive reports.

You can find most of the reporting threads here:


site:thaivisa.com anti-virus false positive


This isn't to suggest that ALL such reports are incorrect. Also, your Browser, Router, or ISP's could become compromised and be redirecting the page's secondary file requests to rogue responses. So it's always a good idea to check things out.  



** NOTE: Online Virus Scanners don't catch everything.

Recently had someone unwittingly open a bogus email with PDF attached that contained compressed binary files. Most every scanner said the file was clean. Only one site showed me the embedded files so I could research this attack vector and target exploit.

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