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Islands advice for fam trip


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Anyone can give some info on Cambodias island? Koh Rong etc.


Worth my time? Looking for a visa run destination.


Is it safe to go with gf her older mum and our 2y old kid?


Or I should look other countries.


Safety crime is concern.


Gf was picked pocked on last vietnam trip lost iphone 7+


Im thinking Sikhanouvile and some islands there.


If its too much I go Bali or something.






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Haven't been myself, but have heard good reports about http://www.lazybeachcambodia.com/Home.html


AFAIK there is just the one resort on the island


Koh Rong is also fine, I have been there with kids, no problem. I have heard that one of the two boat operators overloads the boats/not enough life preservers, the one run by Koh Rong Diver Center is better.


Might want to invest in a child-sized life preserver just in case - or check first that they have ine small enough for a 2 year old


Koh Rong is big with many different beaches and they are far apart so read up and decide which one you want to go to


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