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  1. I am completely aware of the fact that if you didn't pay maintenance fees you can not vote in the AGM. But I do not see that such a person can not hold up to three proxies from other co-owners...
  2. Maybe not everyone want to waste the time at IO? Getting older and I value time more than money...
  3. As I wrote they asked last year AND I had to show proof from the bank on the day of stamp collection. I have no clue why but they did. This is Thailand, not the hub of logic behavior... Yeah, I will see an agent tomorrow (to inquire for next year), I am boring to waste a full day for me AND my wife in this <deleted>ty CW place, having to drive there is where it starts... If it would be a 30 minute thing, but no, it is hours to waste just to show the 100% exactly same papers with the same photos, same address, same wife. They do not even realize that we printed out the same photos of us the third year in a row... But they act as if the world would end if this ceremony is not being repeated in the same way every year... They even got angry when the papers were not sorted in the right way... There is nowhere a warning to sort them in a certain way, especially as some papers you only get after they pre sort the many papers...
  4. In 2022, when applying for the extension of stay based on marriage in CW they told me I would not be allowed to touch the 400,000 baht in the bankbook until I would get the actual extension of stay stamp three or four weeks later. Which resulted in an actual three months of the money locked in the bank account. This year they did not tell me that I would need to wait three instead of the by law required two months. I'm asking because this year with the high interest I can get elsewhere I would immediately withdraw the money and invest it somewhere for nine or 10 months before it would go back to the Thai savings account. Are other applicants being asked to not touch the money you in the consideration period?
  5. oh, there were 2 falang elected for committee but since they have connections to the land department the election was declared as invalid for no real reason. so lawyer is the only option...
  6. Ok, lets make this more interesting: seller exposed a fraudulent scheme run by the JPM/management company, JPM received a prison sentence of one year plus fine and head of management company received a huge fine and due to this JPM was even removed from her position only to be replaced by the next scammer who is just angry to the seller that he exposed criminal action. So, friendly approach will not help, no matter what, office has order not to hand out the paper. They prefer to go to prison before they would do what they should do...
  7. As this is Thailand this logical approach did not do anything. Excuses about coming back tmr pls, again and again...
  8. and: any advantage by going before the expiration date? disadvantages if going ahead of expiration date?
  9. No outstanding debit. Everything is paid 100%. Only reason is they do not like the nose of the seller... But there must be a way to force them ????
  10. I know what it means. So a lawyer seems to be the best option, right? An additional complaint to the landdepartment about the JPM does not care about doing her duty as stated by the condo act?
  11. What to do if a JPM does not issue the Certification that a unit is free from any liabilities? From the Condo law: The Manager shall issue the Letter of Certification that the unit is free from any liabilities in accordance with paragraph two to the joint owner within fifteen days from the date on which the request has been received provided that the joint owner has fully made the payment of the debt arising out of the expenses in accordance with Section 18. If the ones in the office/JPM do not care?
  12. Thx so much for everyone's input, still not sure if we should change to 30/100 system or not. Actually since we never had any problems, just handle it as the Thais do: Waiting until the problem is coming, do not act in advance?
  13. My wife says 1. is for the new wiring from the street, 2. is for the new breaker which would support 30/100 and 3. is the new earthing/grounding. We have earthing/grounding but it seems a higher rating incoming would make an new one necessary (at least what they say)...
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